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Ben - Network Design

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I've had a passion for computers for about as long as I remember, but somehow avoided making my money using them. I suppose a good place to start is '98-'99 when I had time and disposable income. I built myself a second computer and put freebsd on it. I was then able to poke it till it broke, and use my primary computer to figure out what I did. 56k ran faster when it had a dedicated freebsd router/firewall for the connection. I prefer FreeBSD for my servers.

I spent a period in Dalnet #windows95 as a channel operator. I spent much of my free time learning and helping. I also ran a logbot for channel stats. I wrote my own channel moderation script for mIRC. I believe it was about this time that I passed the A++ Ceritification Exam. I believe IRC prepared me for this.

For a while, my personal life led me away from IRC. I've regained my footing. It is time to see how I can help others with my education in security and networking.

Judy - Web Design

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Hi! My name is Judy Saunders and I am a web developer and designer.

I was introduced to technology relatively early as a child in the late 80s and early 90s, when my father bought a TRS-80 so he could learn programming. Back then he taught me BASIC and DOS, and I enjoyed writing programs that would sing songs. In the late 90s, I got my hands on MS Access and embarked on a project to create a role-playing game, using the database to manage the players and characters. I couldn't coordinate players to play the game, so the database ended up being nothing more than a theoretical exercise. But oh, how I loved making it!

As the years went by, I got married, started a family, got divorced. I withdrew from the world of technology management for many years until I met my husband. His passion for technology rekindled my own and I began relearning things I had forgotten. The intervening years, of course, brought many changes to the internet and the technology I was familiar with had become obsolete.

I decided to learn HTML so I could design websites and still be home with my family. In the process, I learned CSS and gained familiarity with Javascript. The game database from my younger days haunted me, so I decided to learn SQL and recreate it. Even if the game never gets played, it will still be a fun and exciting challenge, pushing me to see what I can accomplish.

In my non-coding time, I enjoy listening to self-development podcasts, cooking delicious meals for my family, knitting lace, and historical interpretation at my local museum.